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In this Usborne All Better Book kids will “Clean it, kiss it, put a bandage on it” with repositionable bandaid stickers – it’s obvious why this is the #1 seller!


“Dog hurt his foot, Sheep scratched her tummy and Bear sat on a splinter! What will make everything all better? Clean it, kiss it and put a bandage on it! Young readers will delight in the five animal friends’ misadventures and be eager to help make things “all better” with the five reusable and repositionable stickers.” – All Better Book Usborne

Inside All Better Book

Usborne Books & More All Better

All Better Usborne Book

UBAM All Better Book

About Usborne All Better Book

buy-now-logo-220Price: $12.99
Age: 3 years and up
Size: 9 1/4″ x 8 1/4″
Pages: 16
Series: Picture Books
By: Kane Miller for Usborne Books & More

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Customer Review of All Better:

“This book is absolutely adorable. There are five hard plastic bandages that stick on the page (reusable!!). Each page has an animal getting an owie…after the animal gets the owie the book is repetitive…Clean it. Kiss it. Put a bandage on it. All better. Every time I hear my 2 year old say, “All better,” it just melts my heart. 5 stars!”

Consultant Review of All Better Book:

All Better Repositionable bandaid stickers

The Usborne All Better book should be in everyone’s home who has toddlers! This sweet book talks about the magic of “kiss it all better.” Your child will learn to clean, kiss, and then add a bandaid to make any owies all better. My toddler loves this book and even my older boys got a kick out of this title with the repositionable stickers. If they ever get dirty, we just rinse the bandaids in cold water and let them dry and they are good as new!

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The All Better book is one of the best-selling books that made the Top 10 best Usborne books, see that list! It’s the #1 seller!

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  1. Hi there. I was wondering if they sold replacement bandaids for this book. My daughters love it so much, but we have misplaced some of the bandaids.

    • Hi Julie, Unfortunately they haven’t offered replacement bandaids yet. I know it’s been a frequent request so hopefully it’s something Usborne Books & More will be able to add soon. Did you know there’s another book in the series? Check out Little Bear Needs Glasses if your daughter loves the All Better title!

  2. How many of the all better book sold in 2017? Was it the #1 bestseller?

    • I can’t speak to the volume of All Better Books sold, as Usborne Books & More doesn’t share those specifics with consultants. All Better! is their #1 selling book currently, though! Their next bestseller is Nibbles: The Book Monster.

  3. Is there a way to clean the band aid stickers or make them sticky again?? Ours have been used so many times that they no longer adhere 🤣 sign of a well loved book!!!

    • Some consultants have recommended rinsing the bandaids with water! I haven’t tried this myself, but it has seemed to work for others!

  4. Rebecca Landreth

    Can you tell me the materials used for the bandAids and glasses. Making sure for a latex allergy

    • Hey Rebecca, The bandaids and glasses are sort of a thin flexible plastic. There is no information out about what materials they are actually made from, so I wouldn’t be able to accurately assure you that there is no latex in them.

  5. I second the request for replacement bandaids!

  6. Nichole Roach

    My nephew loves this book! He reads it so much the bandages do not stick any more, any options to order new bandages?

  7. More bandaids please!

  8. gloria chappell

    I loved the book, but would not buy a sticker book again unless they offer replacement stickers. Very disappointed they do not offer them. The kids wont use the book now without them.

  9. Alex Jamie King

    I’m a Nana in search of replacement bandaids or a suggestion for an alternative. These requests go back at least 3 years. Please, Please, Please!

    • Unfortunately, Usborne is still not offering replacement bandaids. You can rinse them gently with water and allow to dry and they’ll usually regain their stick. But be careful not to scrub off the adhesive.

  10. Replacement bandaids please! One is lost and two others are bent beyond repair and won’t stick. I’ve tried so hard to flatten them out, but no luck. Please make a pack of replacement bandaids.

  11. We need replacement bandaides! We have used the book so much they are worn and don’t stick anymore! Please make them😰

    • You can try rinsing (not scrubbing) the bandaids! This will help remove any dust and helps to restore the stickiness!

  12. Yet another request for replacement bandages! Ours have been misplaced entirely so the book is no good without!

  13. Sarah 🐻

    Oh No! Monkey lost his bandaid and has a forever owie! Sheep’s bandaid is bent and will no longer stick, falls out of the book every time! Rinsing the bandaid does not help if the bandaid is lost or bent. Seems USBORNE is not listening 🤔. We need replacement bandaids STAT! This book is cute but it’s kinda pricey for a board book with parts that don’t stick and get lost!

  14. Vicki Ski

    Sorry i cannot recommend this book!! The kids loved this book so much until 4 of the 5 bandages got lost. I thought about buying a new book but really???? I shouldn’t have too. I would pay dearly for the replacement bandages. Come on!!!

  15. We need replacement bandaids please! We’ve loved this book for years but only have two bandaids left.

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