The 10 Best Usborne Books

It’s easy to swoon over all the Usborne Books & More titles – they’re all darling. But today I wanted to share the top selling, most loved, BEST Usborne Books! Of course children’s ages and interest can highly impact the best Usborne books for your family in particular, but this list is the perfect starting point to find a new favorite title to add to your home library!

10 Best Usborne Books

Under each book ranking is a quick description, why your family might love this Usborne book title, and a few runner-up or alternative titles to the Best Usborne Books to help you find the perfect book for your children.

1. All Better!

“Dog hurt his foot, Sheep scratched her tummy and Bear sat on a splinter! What will make everything all better? Clean it, kiss it and put a bandage on it!”

All Better Usborne Book

The All Better! story plays off young children’s belief that a kiss can make everything better. In this interactive story your child will take on an empathetic roll as they learn to clean and care for the owies – with adorable repositionable stickers they can use over and over again!

See inside the All Better Book!

The All Better sequel has cute, reusable, glasses stickers:

2. Nibbles: The Book Monster

“In this engaging picture book children will be entertained as cute and funny Nibbles actually nibbles his way into 3 fairytales, and while he’s in there he changes the outcome of the stories. They’ll want to read it again and again.”

Usborne Nibbles the Book Monster

Nibbles: The Book Monster really excels at making sharing those classic fairytales a brand new experience! As you flip through the story there are engaging smaller “books” inside of the book that you can flip your way through laughing at the new, mixed up, fairytales.

Also try the Nibbles sequel:

3. Shine-A-Light: The Human Body

“Discover the secrets of the human body with the newest beautiful, educational, and fun title in the Shine-A-Light series. Hold a light behind the pages to see muscles flex, watch as food travels through the digestive system, and take a peek at the skeleton holding you upright.”

The 10 Best Usborne Books - Shine A Light On the Space Station 3 - Surprise Usborne Books & More

(Pictured is Shine-A-Light: On the Space Station)

The Shine-A-Light books are so incredibly fun! You’ll shine a flashlight or other light source behind the back of the page and watch as a hidden picture is revealed. These books are educational and make fantastic gifts paired with a flashlight! A window also works great as a light source.

Compare the entire Shine-a-Light Books series!

Runner-Up Best Usborne Books from the Shine-A-Light Series:

4. That’s Not My Unicorn

“That’s not my unicorn… its tail is too furry! Introducing the 50th title in the best-selling That’s Not My series which has sold millions throughout the world! To celebrate, Usborne has published this very special title, which includes unique page edges with amazing, fun rainbow colors!”

The 10 Best Usborne Books - Thats Not My Puppy 2 - Surprise Usborne Books & More

(Pictured is That’s Not My Puppy)

The Unicorn rage is everywhere, and finally made it’s way to Usborne Books & More That’s Not My Series! Each of the That’s Not My Books are engaging for babies and toddlers with lots of texture and a repeating easy text line that is perfect for young children. Follow the little mouse as he hunts for his animal, character, or vehicle throughout the story!

NEXT Usborne Book:  Muddle and Match Jungle Animals

See our 10 Favorite Usborne That’s Not My Books

Close Seconds of the That’s Not My Best Usborne Books:

5. 100 Paper Planes to Fold & Fly

“Packed with brilliantly designed paper planes to make and fly, ranging from fighter planes to space rockets and creepy flying bugs. This book features four different models to perfect, each with their own concise instructions on how to best fold and fly them.”

Usborne 100 Paper Dragons Fold and Fly

(Pictured is 100 Paper Dragons to Fold & Fly)

Try your hand at following the instructions in 100 Paper Airplanes to Fold & Fly to create 4 different paper airplane models using the included 100 sheets of beautifully designed, full-color papers! This books makes it easy and fun for kids to try their hand at paper folding. This book is perfect for summer boredom busters or an after school activity as a family!

Additional Fold & Fly Titles Available:

6. I’m a Dirty Dinosaur

“Children will delight in this dirty dinosaur’s playful antics and just may want to join in with the sniffing, snuffing, shaking, tapping, stamping, splashing and sliding, not to mention the mud!”

The 10 Best Usborne Books - Im a Dirty Dinosaur 2 - Surprise Usborne Books & More

I’m a Dirty Dinosaur is a really fun read-aloud title that can get you up, moving, playing, and having fun together acting out the movements just like our Dirty Dino pal! The bright, chunky text is engaging and the story is easy to relate to. The story ends with the dino decided it was time to clean up – a perfect segue to bathtime!

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7. Baby’s Very First Black and White Library

“Your baby will love to share this book with you. The black and white contrast will spark your baby’s attention.”

The 10 Best Usborne Books - Babys First Black and White Library 2 - Surprise Usborne Books & More

Baby’s Very First Black and White Library is the perfect first book set for newborns! The high contrast pages and book size are perfect for little ones developing eyes and coordination. They’ll grow with your child as toddlers will love the set and included box as they practice hand-eye coordination. The set includes 4 books with themes of Animals, Babies, Faces, and Going Out.

NEXT Usborne Book:  Magic Painting Book

Additional Best Usborne Books in the Baby Category:

8. Look Inside Your Body

“Peek under all the flaps in these colorful and engaging books–perfect for little fingers and curious minds.”

The 10 Best Usborne Books - Look Inside Your Body 1 - Surprise Usborne Books & More

There isn’t a more engaging body book you can find than Usborne’s Look Inside Your Body book! There are flaps hidden underneath flaps as you digger deeper into the different bodies. The text is simple and easy to understand with interesting facts and trivia throughout.

More Best Usborne Books About Your Body: 

Are you trying to choose between all of the fabulous Usborne Body Books? Here’s a comparison book to help you decide which Body Book to choose!

9. Muddle and Match: Imagine

“Imagine your own funny stories and create crazy characters as you flip through the split pages and muddle things up!”

The 10 Best Usborne Books - Muddle and Match Imagine 1 - Surprise Usborne Books & More

It’s impossible not to love the Muddle and Match books! Each book is split into three sections letting you mix-and-match to create different silly characters as you read through the story. Like the story above shows a Superhero, Princes, Wizard combination. Each character story is filled with alliteration to help illustrate this writing style and technique in a fun way that creates a tongue-twister tale!

See Inside a Muddle and Match Usborne book!

More Favorite Muddle and Match Books:

10. Wipe-Clean Alphabet

“This fun book is perfect way for young children to learn about letters.”

The 10 Best Usborne Books - Wipe Clean Alphabet 2 - Surprise Usborne Books & More

Usborne’s Wipe-Clean books come as 20 full color pages and include a dry-erase marker that can be easily kept and stored in the plastic cover on the front page. Just peel back the cover from one side and your child will be able to retrieve and return the pen as needed! These books are so engaging with games, activities, and tracing on every page! Perfect for toddlers up through elementary school ages.

See the top 8 Usborne wipe-clean books to help you decide!

More Favorite Wipe-Clean Books: 


You can find all of these awesome titles, and many more new and exclusive books by shopping with me through the Usborne Books & More eCommerce site! Head over to start a wishlist or shop for your favorites.

The 10 Best Usborne Books - Shop with me clear - Surprise Usborne Books & More

Did your favorite Usborne book make the best sellers list above? Share your favorite in the comments!

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