Dive deep into the history of the world with this thorough and colorful Usborne encyclopedia. This book contains over 400 pages covering hundreds of events.

“You will find the history of the world from the prehistoric times to the year 2000, covering the major civilizations, rulers and events. The book paints vivid picture of everyday life over thousands of years and includes: Clear descriptions of historical events — Reconstructions of exciting scenes throughout history — Fascinating illustrations — Over 100 maps — 12000-year illustrated time chart. This combined volume includes: Ancient World, Medieval World, Prehistoric World, and The Last 500 Years.” – Usborne Encyclopedia of World History IL (Reduced Format)

Inside Encyclopedia of World History

Usborne Encyclopedia of World History

Usborne Encyclopedia of World History

Usborne Encyclopedia of World History

Usborne Encyclopedia of World History

About Encyclopedia of World History

buy-now-logo-220Price: $19.99
Age: 8 years and up
Pages: 416
Series: World History
By: Usborne Books & More

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Customer Review of Usborne Encyclopedia:

“I. Love. This. Book.  Oh, and so does my 8-year-old!  When he asked me why I always say the Vikings were bad guys, we went right to it, read the relevant pages, and found a game (via the Internet links) in which he could create his own Viking raid.  After we sailed to Greenland, rid a monastery of about 36 monks, burned it down, and sailed back, he understood exactly why the Vikings were not seen as the nicest people.  🙂  And he wanted to play the game again, so that he could pick a different route and surprise even more monks the next time!”

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Usborne Encyclopedia Consultant Review:

This is a beautiful encyclopedia that makes learning about history not so dull. You’ll learn about the way people of different time periods and locations throughout history lived. Easily broken down by era in the back of the book to find just what you’re looking for. This would be a priceless resource for homeschool and research projects.

Encyclopedia of World History - Surprise Usborne Books