Aid visual development with this high-contrast black and white book for babies! In On the Farm baby will notice shapes and patterns to grab their attention.

“First Focus Frieze titles for babies are filled with panels of recognizable, high-contrast black and white images and patterns to aid visual development in the early stages. Gently introduce your baby to numbers and first words with these fold-out, stand-up books, perfect for tummy time!” – Usborne On the Farm

Inside On the Farm

Usborne on the Farm

Usborne on the Farm

Usborne on the Farm

About On the Farm Fold-Out Book

buy-now-logo-220Price: $7.99
Age: 9 months and up
Series: Board Books
By: Kane Miller Publishing (sold through Usborne Books & More)

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Customer Review of Fold-Out Books:

“My baby loves this book, he cannot stop staring when we put him on his stomach.  He will follow the book with his eyes if we move it.  It has made tummy time last a little longer and encouraged him to keep his head up longer as well.  The one side is all black and white animals while the other is a colorful farm scene.  I’ve had the book less than a week and already feel it was worth the money after seeing how much he loves it!”

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Fold-Out Books Consultant Review:

The Fold-Out books series is amazing for babies tummy time! Just unfold the book and set it up on the floor. Choose the black and white or color scene to let this book grow with your child.

The black and white side will engage your baby with visual stimulation for early eye development. Toddlers will love folding and laying out the full farm scene. They can find things to spot and learn early animal words. This book is also amazing a baby shower gift for new moms!

On the Farm Fold-out Book - Surprise Usborne Books