This engaging nonfiction board book, My Very First Space Book engages toddlers on learning facts about space and the universe we live in.

“This is non-fiction for very young children, who will find lots of things to look at and talk about in this highly visual book about space – what it is, where it is, and what’s out there. Little ones can find out about planets, stars, asteroids, space travel and lots more – while learning lots of interesting new words.” – Usborne My Very First Space Book

Inside My Very First Space Book

Usborne My Very First Space Book

Usborne My Very First Space Book

Usborne My Very First Space Book

About My Very First Space Book

buy-now-logo-220Price: $11.99
Age: 3 years and up
Size: 8 3/4 x 10 1/8
Pages: 30
Series: My Very First Books
By: Usborne Books & More

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Customer Review:

“My almost 2 yr old loves this book!  The pictures are fantastic!  I really enjoy the fact that we can grow with this book for many years.  Right now we can skip over the facts and talk about what we see in the pictures.  He loves the rocket ships and sun and moon pictures pages.  Information is given in short paragraphs or “‘tidbits” near pictures.  We love to discuss the astronaut pictures and all the jobs they perform.  Pictures range from cartoons to absolutely beautiful nebula pastels.  Highly recommend this book!”

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My Very First Series Consultant Review:

Engage toddlers and preschoolers in the My Very First nonfiction series. The pages are coated and easy to wipe clean to keep this book looking like new. Wipe with a lightly damp cloth and then dry for a freshly clean book! The thick cardboard pages is the perfect transition from board book pages.

There is a lot of information in this book, broken down in easy to digest pictures and blurbs that overwhelm young children.

My Very First Space Book - Surprise Usborne Books