Sneak a peek behind the cover of the Usborne Mythical 9th Division chapter books for 8-12 year old boys. An exciting adventure series with graphics!

“The yetis of the Mythical 9th Division are on a routine mission to Antarctica when a nearby volcano erupts with unusual force – it’s an evil plot to bring fiery destruction to the world! The team must travel to New York and beyond to save humanity before it goes up in smoke.

With comic strip chapter beginnings, and detailed illustration throughout, Albrecht, Timonen and Saar’s latest mission is sure to engage both reluctant and eager readers.” – Usborne Mythical 9th Division

Inside Mythical 9th Division

* Pictured is book 3 of the Mythical 9th Division  series, The Magma Conspiracy

Mythical 9th Division chapter books

Mythical 9th Division Usborne
Mythical 9th Division Usborne

Mythical 9th Division UBAM

About Mythical 9th Division

buy-now-logo-220Price: $5.99 or the set of 4 books for $19.99
Age: 7 years and up
Size: 4 7/8″ x 7″
Pages: 224
Series: Mythical 9th Division
By: Usborne Books & More

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Customer Review of Mythical 9th Division:

“The first fiction book (my son) could not put down. Fabulous, fun subject matter where Yeti save the world because they are a secret division in the military. I mean….how can it get better?”

 Usborne chapter books in the Series include:
  • Mythical 9th – Operation Robot (Book 1)
  • Mythical 9th Division – Terror of the Deep (Book 2)
  • Mythical 9th Division – Magma Conspiracy (Book 3)
  • Mythical 9th Division – The Alien Moon (Book 4)

Mythical 9th Division Consultant Review:

According to my 9 year old, this series is, “AMAZING!” He loved the adventure story that featured yeti’s trying to save the world. It was a theme he was excited to read and was he was hooked from the first book on.

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The Mythical 9th Division books are great for boys that only want to read graphic novels, as it starts to bridge the gap with some graphics throughout but mostly chapter book format. The story is exciting enough to draw them in and get them reading chapter books!