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See Inside Planet Earth Usborne book crosses the planet from deserts to jungles. Look at the challenges facing planet Earth and how to make a difference.

See Inside Planet Earth crosses the planet from frozen deserts to steaming jungles, our planet is amazingly rich and varied. But it is also under threat. Take a closer look at the challenges facing planet Earth today and discover what we can all do to make a difference.”

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About See Inside Planet Earth

buy-now-logo-220Price: $14.99
Age: 7 years and up
Size: 8 3/4 x 11 1/8
Pages: 16
Series: See Inside
By: Usborne Books & More

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Customer Review of See Inside Planet Earth:

“I love the See Inside series. They are fantastic learning tools that make it fun. See Inside Planet Earth is a great way to teach how our actions affect the rest of the world, and what better what than with Flaps! If you are looking for the science behind the earth, a great book is Look Inside Our World, this teaches about the earth’s core, water cycle, and more. I can’t wait until I can collect the whole series!”

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See Inside Planet Earth Consultant Review:

A great resource for those that care about taking care of the planet and introducing green living topics at an early age. This book covers different earth terrains with lots of fun flaps for more information, but also weaves in information about how to care for our earth to teach kids the importance of minimizing our footprint on the planet. Usborne See Inside Books are filled to the brim with facts and information presented in a kid-friendly and interesting way!

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  1. This book has some contradictions to it. It trees do indeed absorb Co2 and extract oxygen then why is more Co2 a bad thing. As the earth warms, we have more trees, more green which is a fact. So is Co2 a pollutant or not? Also, now it is called climate change and not global warming. It is not interesting that the wording changed to somehow fit some scare mongering narrative? Let’s say this is all true then what? Stop having babies, stop driving, stop manufacturing, implement solar and wind into untouched lands therefore harming the environment and birds and in peoples backyards. It still takes other energy like coal to produce these technologies so it is not possible to produce them in a green way. Also it is impossible to have solar and wind produce the energy output to provide modern urban settings, the physics will not allow it. So then what, kill ourselves by living in the stone age? What about Thorium for energy, oh that is right, the government seems to be against it, how interesting. What about primary water source for all the fresh water we will ever need, oh that is right, government regulations are in the way. I guess we will have to kill ourselves and allow mother earth to flourish. LOL!

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