Usborne Shine-a-Light Books aka “flashlight books” are engaging and fact-filled. “What is life like on a space station? Place light behind the page to see!

“What is life like on a space station? Shine a light behind the page and see . . . What do the astronauts do in space? What do they eat? Where do they sleep? What do they wear? Each page-turn will take you another step forward on this exciting tour of a space station.” – Shine-A-Light: On the Space Station

Inside Shine-A-Light: On the Space Station

Usborne Shine-A-Light Books

Flashlight Books Usborne

Shine-A-Light Books On the Space Station 3

About Usborne Shine-A-Light Books

buy-now-logo-220Price: $12.99
Age: 4-8
Size: 10 1/5 x 10 1/5
Pages: 36
Series: Shine-A-Light
By: Kane Miller Publishing (sold through Usborne Books & More)

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Customer Review of Shine-A-Light Books:

“This is probably my favorite Shine a Light book. My kids love the “flash light books” and are always asking for them. It’s so cool to see a hidden picture on every page.

This one is cool because it shows what happens in space and how astronauts have to live. Our favorite hidden image is candy floating around because one astronaut opened a box in space.

It’s fascinating for kids to see what it’s like when there is no gravity.”

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Secrets of the Vegetable Garden 2

Consultant Review of Usborne Shine-A-Light Books

These “flashlight books” are the biggest hit in my home! You simply shine a flashlight, or light from a lamp, window, or any other source, behind the page. An image will magically appear!

Both kids and adults, whenever they see these books, are amazed and fascinated by what they see! The books make learning really engaging and hands on, and who doesn’t love playing with a flashlight! Genius combination!