The perfect space to doodle, color, and draw, the truly Awesome Usborne Doodle Pad book will provide hours of entertainment and coloring and doodling fun!

“Young artist will never be stuck for inspiration with these creative tear-off pads that include doodling, coloring, games and more.” – Usborne Awesome Doodle Pad

Inside Awesome Doodle Pad

Usborne Awesome Doodle Pad

Usborne Awesome Doodle Pad

Usborne Awesome Doodle Pad

About Awesome Doodle Pad

buy-now-logo-220Price: $5.99
Age: 6 years and up
Size: 6 x 7 3/4
Pages: 204
Series: Tear-off Pads
By: Usborne Books & More

Customer Review of Awesome Doodle Pad:

“These small sized books are perfect for keeping in the car with a pack of markers.  Ideal for taking into doctors’ offices, restaurants or anywhere else you might have to wait.  Each page contains a starting illustration, with examples of how you may want to continue the drawing and coloring.  But really, it’s all down to the child.”

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Usborne Doodle Pad Consultant Review:

This Doodle Pad book has so many activities to keep kids busy and having fun. I love that it has a little bit of everything from learning to draw activities and finish the picture games. There are prompts to finish the scene and pages just ready for doodling. It’s perfect for budding artists or those that need something to keep their hands busy while they’re learning and listening.

We love taking the Usborne doodle pad to church to give my active boys something to keep them busy and quiet. I always find that they’re able to actually listen better when they have something mindless to doodle and draw on as they’re mind can absorb the sermon. I’ll catch them asking me questions or repeating a story that was told, even while they’ve been busy doodling away. It’s pretty amazing how our brains work!

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