Learn, practice, and reinforce early learning topics in the widely popular Usborne Wipe-Clean Books! Here’s a look at the top 8 wipe clean book titles!

The series of Usborne Wipe-Clean Books cover just about every subject of early preschool and elementary skills including writing, drawings, numbers and letters, games and activities, and even school skills!

Top 8 Usborne Wipe-Clean Books

usborne wipe-clean books

1. Wipe-Clean Alphabet

Introduce the alphabet and help them practice writing letters with this fan-favorite wipe-clean book! This title is one of the 10 best Usborne books titles!

2. Wipe-Clean 123

There’s no better way to introduce and practice counting and learning numbers than with this fun and engaging 123 wipe-clean activity book.

3. Wipe-Clean Beginning Pen Control

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A primer to tracing, writing, and learning how to hold a pen, the beginning pen control activities will keep your child engaged!

4. Wipe-Clean Pirate Activities

Engage in learning disguised as fun with activities and games that will have them tracing, counting, drawing, and matching.

5. Wipe-Clean Doodles

The budding artist will enjoy this fun wipe-clean doodles book with scenes to complete and items to doodle and decorate.

6. Wipe-Clean Ready for Writing

This title introduces your child to shapes, curves, and angles that will be needed as the basic building block before letters, numbers, and drawing!

7. Wipe-Clean Telling the Time

A great resource for practicing and learning about reading a clock, this wipe-clean activity book will boost their confidence while they practice drawing hands and numbers.

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Usborne Starting School Wipe-Clean Activity Pack

8. Starting School Wipe-Clean 

This gift pack includes 4 wipe-clean books in a smaller size and store together in a box with easy carry handle. Perfect for Pre-K through 2nd Grade children! Titles include: First Math, First Words, First Sums (replaced Starting Times Tables), and Telling the Time wipe-clean books.

The Wipe-Clean series are very affordable at just $7.99 for an individual book or pick up the Starting School set for $19.99.

Which of the Usborne Wipe-Clean Books would you pick first?