Go on a racing adventure in Wheelnuts full-color books for kids! This Kane Miller title will encourage even the reluctant reader to pick up a book!

“Six crazy cars, five outlandish courses, one winner …
buckle up for WHEELNUTS, the craziest race on earth! Eccentric billionaire Warren “Wheelie” Wheelnut has decided to mount the biggest, maddest, most off-the-scale competition ever! He has created five extreme race tracks: from the desert to a haunted town to outer space, underwater and dense jungle, it’s not chicanes and hairpin turns the drivers need to be worried about; it’s aliens and giant squid!” – Usborne Wheelnuts! Desert Dustup 

Inside Wheelnuts! Desert Dustup

Usborne Wheelnuts Dessert Roundup

Usborne Wheelnuts Series Dessert Roundup

Usborne Wheelnuts Dessert Roundup

About Wheelnuts! Desert Dustup

buy-now-logo-220Price: $6.99
Age: 7-10
Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/10
Pages: 96
Series: Wheelnuts!
By: Kane Miller Publishing (sold through Usborne Books & More)

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Wheelnuts! Customer Review:

“Don’t underestimate who might enjoy this book.  My 5 year old daughter begged for me to read-aloud this one.  She typically loves books, but this one had her so excited and laughing, even though it only has three females in the story (2 fairies and a spunky old woman).  Just finished last night, and she requested the next in the series.  It was a fun and lighthearted/silly read-aloud and her little brother followed along too.”

Other Usborne Books in the Series include:
  • Wheelnuts! Spooky Smackdown (Book 2)
  • Wheelnuts! Space Mash (Book 3)
  • Wheelnuts! Deep-sea Dash (Book 4)
  • Wheelnuts! Rain Forest Rumble (Book 5)

Consultant Review of Wheelnuts!:

If your kids love comic books, they’ll enjoy Wheelnuts! The books are full colored adventures of races that take place – forest, sea, and even space! The text is broken up with lots of pictures and color to keep kids interested and reading. They short chapters give an easy stopping point for readers. This book is good for about a 2nd grade reading level, and up! Advanced 1st graders may also enjoy this series.

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Wheelnuts Craziest Race on Earth Desert Dustup - Surprise Usborne Books