Did you realize that PaperPie offers some really neat programs to give back? Some of these might be a good fit for your family, organization, non-profit, group, or school!

Of course, there’s always the opportunity to host a book party, too!

PaperPie Cards for a Cause

Need an easy fundraiser that’s unique and different? The PaperPie Cards for a Cause fundraiser lets any group work together to sell handcrafted cards to earn funds to meet their needs.

Whether that’s for a sports group, a church camp, a youth group, a medical need fundraiser, a non-profit organization, whatever the need may be. The cards are packaged as a set of 30 cards for $30 – and the group will make  up to $13 per box sold (dependent on tax exempt status)!

Your group can opt to open up a few boxes to sell cards individually or in smaller sets – such as offering 1 card for $3, 2 for $5, 5 for $10, or the full set of 30 cards for $30.  Plus, there are a variety of card sets to pick from! The options are endless and flexible to meet your group needs.

cards for a cause thank you cards - blank inside, picture of assortment of thank you cards from Usborne Books & More fundraiser
Choose from these sets:
  • Cards for All Occasions (Box 1)
  • Cards for All Occasions (Box 2)
  • Happy Birthday Card Box for Kids
  • Thanks & Blanks Box

Reach for the Stars

This is a neat reading incentive program — a read-a-thon! Students or children part of any group can collect pledges from friends and family based on their reading goals.

The children will be challenged meet their reading goals during a set period of time, typically 2 weeks. When they meet their goals, friends and family send in their pledged amount.

100% of the funds collected are returned to the students and/or school depending on the group. Some schools start with a 50/50 split – where half of the pledges go back to the kids and the other half goes towards free books for the school.

Other groups may opt to return 100% of the pledges back to the students. Or any other combination that works best.

When the pledges come back in, the students or group can attend a book preview day and pick out their favorites to order using their pledge dollars to encourage them to continue on reading books they’ll love!

Literacy for a Lifetime

PaperPie has a really neat program where they will match 50% of any grants or donations! That means, if a group has a $1,000 grant they’d like to use to invest in books, their grant would grow to $1,500 to use towards PaperPie!

Schools can even use funds raised from Scholastic book fairs, Box Tops for Education, or other community funds and donations received.

PaperPie Book Fairs

Everyone loves to attend a book fair! Book fairs generally take place in a school setting – such as a traditional K+ school, a preschool, or even a daycare group.  As your consultant, I would be there to help setup and run the event, taking the majority of work off of your staff.

A book fair can have inventory on hand for a “cash and carry” event where guests shop from available titles and bring home their books that day. The other option is an order-only event.

One of each title would be on display with order forms available. This option maximizes the available titles on display while minimizing excess inventory that doesn’t sell.

Vendor Events

Similar to a book fair, but without the organization backing, a vendor event is a fun way to get to meet new people in the community and find new leads. I did my first vendor event at a local twice-yearly consignment sale event and it was really neat to meet people in my area and the event went really well with over $800 in sales!

There is so much flexibility and options as an PaperPie StoryMaker! If one of these programs are a good fit for your group or you’d like more information on joining my team, reach out to me using my contact me form or email me directly at: [email protected]