I’m excited you are here, looking for more information about becoming an Usborne consultant! I am here to answer all those questions you’re certain to have, and share with you the reasons I joined!

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I started my business as an Usborne Books Consultant purely for the discount. I literally didn’t plan to sell even one book. However, before my Usborne consultant kit arrived, I’d already realized how easy this business is and my first party was a big success with over $400 in sales that rewarded me with LOTS of free books to stock my bookshelves. It was so much fun and I realized this is a business I could enjoy doing and work on my own schedule. I was ready to work it!

top 5 reasons to join usborne books and more

Reasons to Become an
Usborne Books Consultant

There are so many reasons you might be considering becoming an Usborne consultant. There’s no right or wrong reason to join.

You might become an Usborne Books consultant for…
  • A Discount! Usborne Consultants earn commission on all purchases (including your own) it’s a guaranteed discount on every purchase!
  • FREE book rewards! You can host your own Usborne book party to earn BOTH the commission and the hostess incentives! Plus, those orders that randomly roll in can work towards the next time you cash in for your free Usborne book party rewards!
  • A Hobby – It’s totally okay if you want something to do outside of changing diapers and playing with hot wheels with your little ones. You can work a couple of shows a month as something just for you!
  • New Connections – You can have the opportunity to meet lots of new people and form  new connections and friendships!
  • The Money! Yes, you can bring in money without leaving your home! The average Usborne parties brings in $300 – $400 in retail sales which means $75 – $100 or more in income you could be earning while having fun!



Tackling Your Questions About
Usborne Book Consultants

Q: How do I earn money? 

Consultants earn a 25% commission on all retails sales, and your income potential just increases from there! Each month you reach at least $1,000 in sales, you’ll earn a 4% bonus on all your retail sales for the month!


Q: Are there minimums or “quotas” to stay an Usborne consultant? 

Nope, Usborne consultants do not have to meet a sale quota or meet any minimums. Hooray!


Q: How much can I earn as an Usborne Books consultant? 

The earning potential is limitless, but you’ll start with the commissions on your own direct sales. On average you’ll earn $75-100 per party you host.


Q: How do I get paid? 

You can sign up for direct deposit and your earnings will be deposited every Wednesday for all sales from the previous week! Need money in a pinch? Throw a few parties and you’ll be paid before that bill is due!


Q: Do I have to carry an inventory, deliver books, or ship out prizes? 

Nope, you don’t have to! You can choose to keep an inventory if you’d like or stock up on books with your rewards to use for prizes – but those decisions are completely up to you! Your customers can shop through your e-commerce site and have everything ship directly to their home.


Q: I don’t want to bug my friends, can I still be successful? 

Absolutely! Your friends and family will be only your first point of contact. From there, you will discover new hosts that will bring their friends to the party and help you build those new connections to keep your business moving forward. You can also run a booth or event to find new leads.


Q: How much time do I need to spend as an Usborne Consultant? 

You can invest as much or as little time as you have. I recommend spending 20-30 minutes each weekday, plus an hour or two in the evening for a party once or twice per week. With just a little time investment, you can really grow a great business from home!


Q: Is there training and help as I get started?

YES! When you sign up as a new consultant, you become a part of my team and I am always here to help you grow your business! We have an extensive Facebook support group that can answer questions, give you ideas and suggestions, even a full party script you can use to launch your first Facebook party without any of the legwork!


What’s in the Usborne Consultant Kit?

The Usborne books consultant kits change spring and fall, so contact me for the most up-to-date information on what’s included in the starter kit.  Whichever kit you choose, you’re going to score a awesome selection of books and supplies at over half off!

How to Become an Usborne Books Consultant - Fall2020 NewConsultantKits 1 - Surprise Usborne Books & More

*Usborne releases a new starter kit each spring and fall with their new release titles!


Fall 2020 $25 Usborne
Consultant Mini-Kit

  • 5 Promotional Items including Mini Books
  • $15 Book Credit
  • 1 UBAM Catalog
  • 5 Mini Catalogs
  • 6 Month E-Business Package
  • A value of over $90!


Fall 2020 $99 Usborne
Books Consultant Kit

  • 10 Popular Titles
  • 5 Promotional Items including Mini Books
  • $30 Book Credit
  • 1 UBAM Catalog
  • 5 Mini Catalogs
  • 6 Month E-Business Package
  • A value of over $240!

What’s the difference in the two Usborne consultant kits? The full kit includes 10 of our most popular or new release titles! It’s completely up to you to pick which kit is best for you. There are additional Add-On kits available when you join to round out your starter kit with more business supplies, should you decide you’d like them.


On Your Way to Success!

One thing Usborne Books & More is fantastic at is rewarding you for success all along the way. They offer a really fantastic program for new consultants that want to work it as a business to help kick start your goals! The Write Your Own Success Story can reward you with a FULL or half-price New Consultant Kit refund! How amazing is that!



JOIN Usborne Books & More!

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