This handy FAQs guide can help answer common questions I get asked both about this website and about becoming an Usborne consultant, how Usborne shipping cost is determined as well as typical Usborne shipping time. You’ll also find information about Usborne book parties! Just scroll down to the section you have a question about and if there is something I missed, reach out to me and I would be happy to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Usborne Books & More

What is this website:

Q: What does “Usborne” mean? 

A: Usborne is the name of a beloved children’s book publishing company. Usborne Books & More is known for producing high quality, engaging, and educational books for kids. Usborne books are available in the United States through independent consultants and their personal shopping e-commerce sites. You can see the line of Usborne Books for sale here.

Q: What is this website for?

A: This website is a blog created by Janel, an independent consultant for Usborne Books & More. The purpose was to introduce the books with a sneak peek inside the pages to make it easier to shop and find the right books for your family.

Q: Why does the shop page take me to a different site?

A: The shop button directs to the official Usborne Books & More e-commerce site that has security for protecting your credit card information and processing payments, creating wishlists, and shipping orders. You’ll be shopping with me as your consultant, and I’m eager to help with any questions you may have or recommend a great book.

Q: Where does the information about the books come from?

A: The product descriptions, book information, and customer review all come from the official e-commerce store. Please verify all information on the e-commerce store for accuracy. All opinions at the bottom of the post are my own from personal experiences with the books. Images are my own, and taken of books from my personal inventory.

How to I Order Usborne Books:

Q: Where do I shop for Usborne Books?

A: You can shop for Usborne Books & More and Kane Miller Books (in partnership with Usborne) by clicking the “Shop” menu tab above or visiting the official Usborne e-commerce shopping site.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Q: Where can I find… ?

A: If you are looking for a book in particular, try using the search function to find the title. Otherwise, the menus can be really helpful for narrowing down the selections and finding great books for your family. We offer over 1,800 titles so it can get confusing. Need help, just send us a message we would be happy to help you pick out titles your family will love!

Q: What is an Usborne wishlist? 

A: A wishlist is one of the tools available on the shopping site that can help you bookmark and save, or share your book requests with family and friends. It’s a great way to window shop through all of the amazing book options and narrow down your selections. I can also help recommend books based on your child’s age and interest with a personalized wishlist – just ask!

Usborne Shipping:

Q: How much does Usborne shipping cost?

A: Shipping is a flat fee of $6 for orders up to $75. Orders over $75 will have a shipping fee of 8% of the total retail value of books in the order applied.

Q: How long does Usborne shipping take? 

A: You should expect Usborne shipping to take approximately 7-10 business days for your order to arrive. Your books may arrive within a week, but plan accordingly to allow enough time if shopping in anticipation for a specific event, holiday, birthday, etc. Usborne Books & More upgraded all their shipping capacities and facilities recently and books are shipping out quickly after typically 1-3 business days processing.

Q: Can I track my Usborne Books Shipping? 

You can find a tracking number for your Usborne books order for more precise estimate on when your books will arrive. Just visit the Usborne Books & More shopping site and then login. Click on “My Account” in the upper right corner and then navigate to view your orders.

Q: Does Usborne Offer Free Shipping?

Unfortunately, Usborne Books & More does not offer any free shipping incentives. Because books are heavy and generally ship by UPS ground, the shipping charges are subsidized and really quiet low compared to actual costs of shipping Usborne books. You can lower your overall shipping expense with a larger order. All orders up to $75 ship for just $6. Orders over $75 stay at the same shipping rate – 8% of the total retail value of all books.

Usborne Customer Special Offers:

Q: How do customer specials work?

A: When you add $40 or more in retail to your cart, you will be able to select one of the current customer specials! The customers specials are books found within the current Usborne catalog at full price, but discounted to thank you for your order. You can save up to 60% on items found in the customer specials section! They are a great way to add an extra book at a great price, often without even increasing your Usborne shipping cost.

Q: How many customer specials can I earn?

A: You will earn your choice of 1 title from the customer specials selections available to purchase at their discounted rate for every $40 in retail sales. There is no limit to how many customer special titles you may qualify for!

  • Orders over $40 retail = 1 customer special
  • Orders over $80 retail = 2 customer specials
  • Orders over $120 retail = 3 customer specials

Q: How often do customer specials change?

A: The customer specials are updated about once a month, and stock may limit availability. If you spot something you love, don’t hesitate to order while it’s still available. It could be gone tomorrow!

Hosting an Usborne Book Party:

See our whole post about Usborne Book Parties for more in-depth information!

Q: What does someone do as an Usborne hostess?

A: The hostess role is to invite friends and family to your Usborne Book Party and keep the party active by participating! It’s best to personally invite your friends/family instead of just bulk inviting them to your event, because it lets your invitee’s know you were thinking of them personally and not just as a number on your friends list.

Q: How many guests should I invite to an Usborne book party? 

A: Plan to invite 20-40 guests for a home party and 40-80 guests for a Facebook party. You will have friends that won’t be able to attend, so this large number helps you have great attendance at your event. The key is following up if you don’t hear back from your guests.

Keep it simple, something as easy as “Hey Julie, I just wanted to make sure you got my message. The party start tomorrow, let me know if you’re able to come!”

Q: What are the Usborne Hostess Rewards?

A: An Usborne hostess earns FREE and half price books based on the total party sales! This easy chart can show you just how many book party rewards you can earn. Most Usborne book parties reach $300-400 in sales.

Each month, a new special promotional offer is added with bonus free books for reaching certain sales goals and one new party booking. That could be something like an extra $50 in free books for parties over $400! Ask me about the monthly special for hosting.

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Q: Can you explain the breakdown of the Usborne Book Party Hostess Rewards? 

A: For each new $50-level in party sales you will earn $10 in free books. The half priced books allowance increases by $25 at every new $100-level of total Party Sales. For example:

  • Party Sales over $100 earn: $10 in free books and $25 in books at half price
  • Party Sales over $150 earn: $20 in free books and $25 in books at half price
  • Party Sales over $200 earn: $30 in free books and $50 in books at half price
  • Party Sales over $250 earn: $40 in free books and $50 in books at half price
  • Party Sales over $300 earn: $50 in free books and $75 in books at half price

Q: I want throw an Usborne Book Party! How do I get started? 

I can’t wait to help you throw a fun and exciting book party with your friends! Before we get started, pop over to this in-dept post about How to Host Usborne Book Parties to find out about the types of parties and everything you’ll need to know so we can get started right away. Then, email me and we’ll set a date! 

Becoming an Usborne Books Consultant:

Read our in-depth guide on how to become an Usborne Consultant here

Q: Are there minimums Usborne consultants have to meet?

A: Nope, there are no minimums to stay an Usborne Books & More consultant. You will always receive a commission if you initiate a sale, even if your account moves to inactive.

Q: How much does it cost to be an Usborne consultant?

A: The first 6 months all expenses are covered. After that time, it’s just $8 a month which covers your e-commerce website, newsletter tools, and back end ordering system. You can opt to not pay this monthly expense until a month when you’d like to place an order or reactive your website.

Q: Can I become an Usborne books consultant just for the starter kit or just for the discount?

A: Absolutely! That’s why I joined Usborne Books & More, and it’s become much more for me! The Usborne books starter kit is a really great way to get a nice set of books at close to half price!

For the most up-to-date information about what’s included in a new consultant kit, and any additional questions, see this helpful guide to becoming an Usborne books consultant!

Q: What is the commission? 

A: New consultants make 25% commission on all retail sales from home shows and eShows. Additionally, you can get certified as an Educational Consultant to work with the local schools and libraries. Commissions as an Educational Consultant range from 17-25%, depending on the program.

Every month that you reach $1,000 in sales, you’ll earn a 4% bonus and a Success Kit prize!

Q: How much can I earn as a consultant? 

A: The average Usborne Books & More party brings in $300 to $400 in retail sales. With a 25% commission, that means you can easily make $75-$100 per party. The flexibility of being an Usborne consultant means you can work as much or as little as you need to work around your family and your schedule.

Learn more about becoming an Usborne consultant here. 

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Usborne Shipping, Hostess Rewards & More (FAQs) - Shop with me clear - Surprise Usborne Books & More

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