Stomp, splash, slide, dive … This little dinosaur just loves mud! What does a cheeky little dinosaur with a dirty snout do? Why stomp about getting dirtier and dirtier, of course!

Children will delight in this dirty dinosaur’s playful antics and just may want to join in with the sniffing, snuffing, shaking, tapping, stamping, splashing and sliding, not to mention the mud!

A celebration of messiness and an irresistible read-aloud, I’m a Dirty Dinosaur!” – Usborne Description

Inside I’m a Dirty Dinosaur

I'm a Dirty Dinosaur 1

I'm a Dirty Dinosaur 2

I'm a Dirty Dinosaur 3

About I’m a Dirty Dinosaur

buy-now-logo-220Price: $11.99
Age: 2-5
Size: 10 1/8 x 10 1/8
Pages: 22
By: Kane Miller Publishing (sold through Usborne Books & More)

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Customer Review of
I’m a Dirty Dinosaur:

“Cute story!  All about getting & being dirty- the play that happens to get this way.  At the end, the dino decides to clean up.  Interesting pictures, easy text, & I LOVE the page quality!  A sure bet for any toddler/preschooler.”

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I’m a Dirty Dinosaur Consultant Review

Beautiful illustrations really make the I’m a Dirty Dinosaur book come to life! The illustrations are painted with real mud splashes that add such a fun texture to the illustrations. The pages in this book are thick, thick cardboard – think somewhere between paper pages and board book pages.

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They’re also coated so they have a wipe-clean surface for when grubby little hands grab your book! You won’t want to submerge it in water, but you could wipe the pages down with a damp cloth and then wipe dry.

Wonderful for use with toddlers. The story is really, really cute too. My little boys like to stomp and shake along with the Dirty Dino!