The Wind-Up Bus Usborne Book has large puzzle piece pages that can be connected into a big map of London. Wind up the bus and watch as it drive around town.

“A wind-up model of a red, double-decker London bus and four tracks take you on a tour of the famous city. Find out about London’s most famous landmarks and attractions as your bus stops on its way.

The four tracks can also be taken out of the book and joined together to make one huge track for the bus to travel around.” – Usborne Wind-Up Bus

Inside Wind-Up Bus

Wind-up Bus 1

Wind-up Bus 2

Wind-up Bus 3

About Wind-Up Bus

buy-now-logo-220Price: $29.99
Age: 3 years and up
Size: 9 3/8 x 12
Pages: 10
Series: Wind-Up Books
By: Usborne Books & More

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Wind-Up Bus Customer Review:

“This is such a fun book! I LOVE that the pages come out and form a giant track! I also love that when you take out the tracks, there is more information about the city on the page. This is a great gift to give for kids – entertainment for hours!”

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Wind-Up Bus Consultant Review:

All of the Usborne wind-up and pull back books are incredibly fun. Wind-Up Bus is really unique and special, though. The pages pull out of the thick board pages inside the book.

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You can then assemble the puzzle piece pages and create a large track for your little bus to go around and around throughout London. Each individual page, still in the book, work as well giving you several options for play.

Wind-up Race Cars also has a unique feature — it includes 2 racer wind-up vehicles! Place them each on the track and let them race and wind around the tracks!