Usborne Learning Wrap-Ups make it fun to learn, practice, and drill math facts from multiplication, addition, subtractions, division, plus states/capitals!

“A unique patented learning tool which utilizes visual and tactile learning senses. The key shaped Learning Wrap-Ups are locked together. The attached string wraps from question to answers. Immediate feedback is provided through a self-correcting feature on the back of each key. Children will master basic skills and have fun in the process.”

Learning Wrap-Ups Multiplication

Learning Wrap-Ups Multiplication 1

Learning Wrap-Ups Multiplication 2

About Learning Wrap-Ups Multiplication

buy-now-logo-220Price: $8.99
Age: 4+
Set Includes: 10 boards
Series: Learning Wrap-Ups
By: Usborne Books & More

Customer Review of Multiplication Learning Wrap-Ups:

“My son received these (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and states & capitals) as part of his Christmas present. Not only do I find him “playing” with them throughout the day I have find myself and my husband playing with them. What a great way to brush up on states and capitals or multiples in this day in age when we have relied on calculators for so long.”

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Usborne Learning Wrap-Ups Consultant Review:

We love the Usborne learning wrap-ups for drilling facts, practicing new math factors, and most importantly learning the new factors! We do time drill tests with the wraps to see how quickly my 9 year old can master his multiplication tables. We’ll take one of the keys, like the x7 key, and try to get faster each time. After a few tries, he starts to learn the pattern, and is memorizing the facts without even realizing it!

The included workbook has a goal chart on each multiplication page, which encourages the challenge! He tries to beat under 30 seconds!! A true challenge! There are a variety of ways to use, and reuse, this learning resource while practicing and learning facts.

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