The Usborne Mosaic Sticker books combine the fun of art with art and the popularity of pixel art! Fill in a grid with reusable stickers to make a picture.

“Over 2000 little stickers that you can use to make all kinds of imaginative animal mosaics. Themed pages have easy-to-copy suggestions to inspire you, or you create your own animals – real or invented. Extra stickers can be used to add smaller details and turn your animal portraits into lively landscapes.” – Usborne Mosaic Sticker Animals

Inside Mosaic Sticker Animals

Usborne Mosaic Sticker Animals

Usborne Mosaic Sticker Animals

Usborne Mosaic Sticker Animals
About Mosaic Sticker Animals

buy-now-logo-220Price: $9.99
Age: 6 years and up
Size: 8 1/2 x 9 3/4
Pages: 20 plus 10 sticker pages
Series: Mosaic Sticker Book
By: Usborne Books & More

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Customer Review of Mosaic Sticker Books:

“This book is great for helping see details that go into drawings, inspiring art ideas.  It is also excellent for hands-on practice of making patterns, finding area and perimeter, and other skills important for math, homeschooling, unschooling, Common Core State Standards, and math standards in other states.  It is reusable hours of fun!  There is also basic information on animal life and habitat.”

** Mosaic Sticker Animals is out of print and no longer available.
Try Mosaic Picture Sticker Book as an alternative. **

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Mosaic Sticker Books Consultant Review:

I would recommend the Mosaic Sticker books for ages 9 and up, though it can be used at younger ages. The book includes thousands of small stickers that can be used to create art. It’s an awesome concept and a really fun book. I think it may be too difficult for young children to do, though.

There is a guide that shows you several types of animals or designs to create on each page, and then a grid where you can try creating your own animals and scenes. The pages are coated so the stickers can be removed and used over and over again.

Mosaic Sticker Animals - Surprise Usborne Books